1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Photo by Bull-Doser

Although I also like the boxy styling of the 68-70 Road Runners, I find the fuselage styling of the 71-75 Road Runner uniquely beautiful. In my opinion before 1968 Chrysler made truly ugly (but also really fast) cars. I like the boxy styling of 68-70 muscle cars from Chrysler. They look muscular. But the fuselage styling of 71-75 Road Runners is truly uniquely sexy. Unfortunately 1971 was the last year you could get a good engine either the 426 Hemi or the RB 440 6 Barrel for the Road Runner. 1971 was the last good year for most muscle cars. (After 1971 only the SD-455 Pontiac Firebird was competitive with pre 1972 muscle cars.) Regretably, Chrysler finally gets truly great styling for its muscle cars and the era is over. (The E-body Plymouth Cuda another truly attractive car from Chrysler was only available from 1970 so you only had 2 good years 70 and 71 to get a good engine in an attractive body.) For me the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is an apex of beauty and power.


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