1932 Ford introduces the Flathead V8
1939 General Motors introduces the Hydramatic – the first automatic transmission
1949 Oldsmobile introduces the Rocket V8 – an OHV pushrod V8
1953 Chrysler introduces the two speed PowerFlite automatic transmission
1954 96 octane gasoline becomes available
1956 Chrysler introduces the three speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission
1957 Chrysler introduces torsion bar suspension
1957-1971 Carter AFB carburetor manufactured
1958 Boeing 707 makes its debut
1958 Chrysler introduces the Sure Grip limited slip differential
1958-1978 Chrysler B block engines manufactured
1959-1978 Chrysler RB block engines manufactured
1960-1961 Chrysler changes from DC generators to AC alternators
1960-1961 Chrysler changes from body-on-frame to Unibody construction
1961 first manned spaceflight
1961 California law requires PCV positive crankcase ventilation – first emissions control device
1962 Chrysler introduces the 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission
1963-1969 Lyndon B. Johnson is President of the United States
1964-2003 Chrysler LA block engines manufactured
1966-1969 Ford GT40 wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans
1966-1971 426 Street Hemi engines manufactured
1966-1971 Carter AVS carburetor manufactured
1966?-1971 383 B engines manufactured
1966-1974 B-Body Dodge Charger manufactured
1966-1978 440 RB engines manufactured
1967-1971 B-Body Plymouth GTX manufactured
1968 Chrysler changes from Carter AFB to Carter AVS carburetor (except on the 426 Hemi)
1968-1970 B-Body Dodge Super Bee manufactured (1971 Super Bee is a Dodge Charger option)
1968-1973 340 LA engines manufactured
1968-1975 B-Body Plymouth Road Runner manufactured
1969 Apollo 11 makes the first manned Moon landing
1969 Boeing 747 makes its debut
1969 B-Body Dodge Charger Daytona manufactured
1969-1971 440 Six Pack engines manufactured
1969-1974 Richard M. Nixon is President of the United States
1970 B-Body Plymouth Road Runner Superbird manufactured
1970 340 Six Pack engines manufactured
1970 Delphi invents the maintenance free battery
1970-1971 Porsche 917 wins the 24 Hours of Le Mans
1970-1974 E-body Plymouth Barracuda manufactured
1970-1974 E-body Dodge Challenger manufactured
1970-1976 A-Body Plymouth Duster manufactured
1971-1972 Chrysler changes from Carter AVS to Carter TQ Thermoquad carburetor
1971-1973 Chrysler changes to electronic breakerless ignition
1971- Clean Air Act Extension of 1970 begins to force engine detuning
1971-1985 Carter TQ Thermoquad carburetor manufactured
1972 first year color tv sets out sells black and white tv sets
1973-1974 new "5 mile per hour impact with no damage" bumper standards forces bumper re-design resulting in really ugly cars (except for Chrysler in my opinion)
1973 Oil Crisis
1975 rectangular headlights become legal in America
1975 catalytic converters introduced on American manufactured engines
1976 Chrysler introduces Electronic Lean Burn – electronic ignition control
1977 Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni first front-wheel drive cars from Chrysler introduced for the 1978 model year.
1978 Buick re-introduces turbocharging on American manufactured engines
1980 Motorola introduces EEC III – electronic engine control that integrates electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition control
1981 IBM PC is introduced
1984 composite (Euro) headlights become legal in America
1985 Carter Carburetor Corporation closes
1991 last American manufactured carbureted car – Jeep Grand Wagoneer with the AMC 360 engine
1996 lead gasoline is banned in the United States
2001 Plymouth stops manufacturing

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